What is A Precinct Chair?

These are the people who have taken on the responsibility of being your local representative of the Democratic Party for your neighborhood, the grass-roots level of your county. Also known as a Precinct Captain, a Precinct Chairman, Precinct Delegate, or Precinct Committee Officer and they are an elected official (they can be appointed when necessary) in the American political party system. They live in your neighborhood and are your direct link to information about elections, candidates, the County Chair, and they are there to help you get out the vote. Johnson County has 36 voting precincts.

How do I know who my Precinct Chair is? ​

To find your Precinct Chair you will need to know what Precinct you are in. There are a couple of ways to find this information. Your voter registration card will have your Precinct listed on the front (Prec. No.). You can also call your County Chair, Linda Brown at 817-558-4009. All you will need is your address. Now you can match your Precinct number with your Precinct Chair below. If there is no one listed for your precinct, this precinct has an opening. Are you ready to step to the plate and be your neighborhood's Precinct Chair? If so, call Linda Brown (County Chair), today!


County Chair-Linda Brown; [email protected]

Vice Chair- Justin Garvin; [email protected]

Political Director-Jim Garvin; [email protected]

Treasurer- Gary Yawn; [email protected]

Parliamentarian/Chair Emeritus- Bill Conover; [email protected]

Secretary- LuAnne Leonard; [email protected]


(Precinct Chairs Elect will take office 20 days following the Run-Off Election)

Precinct 2 Avery Richards; [email protected] -Current/Elect

Precinct 4 Barbara Yoder; [email protected] -Elect

Precinct 5 Bill Hammons ; [email protected] -Current/Elect

Precinct 7 Mark Spears ;[email protected] -Current/Elect

Precinct 8 Michael Lummus; [email protected]- Current

Precinct 9 Fred Kroeger; [email protected]  -Current/Elect

Precinct 10 Gary Yawn; [email protected] -Current 

Precinct 10 Sandra Buckner Vafiadis; NO EMAIL-Elect

Precinct 11 Otillia Enriquez; [email protected] -Current

Precinct 11 Denise Maben; [email protected] -Elect

Precinct 12 Richard De Los Santos; [email protected] -Elect

Precinct 15 Jim Garvin; [email protected] -Current

Precinct 15 Rhonda Huff; [email protected] -Elect

Precinct 17 Sonya Woodall; NO EMAIL - Current/Elect

Precinct 18 Karen E. Parker; [email protected]-Elect

Precinct 19 Ken Miser; [email protected]-Current

Precinct 19 Rana Morvant; [email protected]-Elect

Precinct 20 Diana Weaver; [email protected] -Current/Elect

Precinct 21 Joe Davis; [email protected]Current/Elect

Precinct 22 Kathy Chasteen; [email protected]Currenct/Elect

Precinct 27 Jerry Willis; [email protected]Elect

Precinct 30 Rachel Villalovos Mendoza; [email protected]-Elect

Precinct 32 Simon Rocha; [email protected] -Current

Precinct 34 Judy Isom; [email protected]-Current/Elect

Meeting/Office Site: JN Long Cultural Arts Building

425 Granbury Street

Cleburne, TX. 76033

Office located in Annex A

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 161, Cleburne, TX 76033

Telephone Number:  (817) 558-4009

Twitter: @jcdemstx

Email Address: [email protected]